About Bamboo Network – Version 2020

A resilient and resourceful, African perspective to solving customer-facing challenges.

We love developing innovations that win, keep and grow customers for businesses in emerging markets.

We need a new approach to building connections with customers  

A combination of pressures imposed by the structure of the external market and by the changing demands of brands is placing marketing agencies at the centre of disruption.

The growing complexity of platforms and channels they must use to reach customers means brands urgently need partners capable of designing integrated, end-to-end, omnichannel customer experiences.

We have managed to help many organisations build connections with customers  

  • Unearthing rich customer insights
  • Understanding the digital world
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation
  • Developing Value Partnerships
  • Designing amazing customer experiences
  • Optimizing digital ecosystems to improve customer experience
  • Identifying and winning new customers for our clients
  • Training and building capabilities in marketing teams
  • Building and managing an online reputation
  • Ensuring digital marketing compliance (POPI, GDPR)