About Bamboo Network

Intelligence. Imagination. Innovation.

Bamboo Network is a black-owned, owner-managed organisation dedicated to driving business growth through brand-centred innovation. We are an innovation ecosystem. Our departure from communications agencies is our fundamentally different approach to brands, their management and value. We value the business of our clients differently. We value the purpose of our employees differently. And we value the purpose of our business differently. In our ecosystem we combine people, theories, global and local ideas, art, technology, stories, news and experiences to innovate for our clients.

Ultimately our mission is to build a harmonious network/ecosystem of business units focused on using intelligence, imagination, empathy and knowledge to grow brands and drive business performance

At Bamboo Network we engage things only to make them better – businesses, brands, people, and ideas. We exist to experiment with creative solutions. We aim to prove that business can be profitable in many more ways than monetary value, and that creative people, in open collaboration with people from all types of industries, when given the right challenges, environment and support, can affect the world around them in a meaningful way.

We work in a lively environment, full of sharing, debates, laughs, occasional all-nighters, three dogs, foot tennis and most of all, learning. We live for our clients, plunging into the depths of what makes their companies, consumers and industries tick. We tolerate mistakes as a part of innovation, so no one is shy to put their opinion forward. We don’t strive to be perfect, in fact we reject it, preferring an antifragile approach to what we do, deriving value from the positive and negative alike (it’s all a matter of perspective). With our vision in mind, we have created an organisation that encourages growth in and around us. Our openly collaborative structure is one of the keys to our success.



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Problem/Opportunity Identification


Consumer Research

Market Research

Brand Audits
Brand Strategy
Innovation Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Communication Strategy

App Development
Web Development
Social Media Management

Data Analysis
Data Visualisation


Our Manifesto

1) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(AN-INNATE-SENSE--OF-OPTIMISM.)

Without optimism, without an unwavering belief that all things are possible, we will never achieve greatness.


2) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(A-SENSE-OF--PURPOSE.)

We are in business to make a fair profit. For the people for whom we work (our clients) and for the people with whom we work. And although debate is central to our business, we will all pull in the same direction once consensus has been reached.


3) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(GROUNDED-IN--THE-TRUTH.)

It’s easy to make recommendations based on our own belief systems, and our own versions of the truth. In a knowledge-based society we will explore the reality as extensively as we can, study different points of view, debate the issues amongst ourselves, study the analytics and the numbers, search for the truth behind the numbers before we make recommendations. Being grounded in the truth precludes self- aggrandisement, judgment or prejudice. And being able to break the paradigm is only possible if we understand the current paradigm.


4) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(DRIVEN-TO-FIND-THE-POSITIVE-OUTCOME.)

We are driven to find the solution, the better way to do something, and not ever giving up until we have achieved that which we promised.



We are students of our industry, and all of the disciplines that surround it. We read, watch movies, go to lectures, see plays, play in plays, listen to music, make music, watch the news, go to festivals and art exhibitions. We follow clever and or interesting bloggers, support teams, and admire great people so that we become interesting plus 1’s. This attitude makes us masters of our universes.


6) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(BEING-GOOD-PEOPLE.)

We do not cheat, lie or steal. We’d rather tell the truth – and share, things to share include; our skills and knowledge and our tools. We do favours for anyone that asks, including friends – present and past. We will remember that our actions have consequences for those around us, and we are as responsible to the collective as we are to ourselves. We work hard and are grateful to those around us who do the same.


7) Bamboo-Network---Title-headers-2016-(ELEGANT-CREATIVE-IS-BETTER-THAN-BAD-CREATIVE.)

If there is an elegant, beautiful solution to a problem, we will seek it out. We will teach ourselves and each other the art of art and creativity in everything we do, including the way we look, present, and present ourselves; and we will enter awards, striving for awards ups the ante.

Using your IQ until it hurts – or the problem is solved.

Because we’re intelligent doesn’t mean we have the luxury of being lazy, lazy never succeeded in delivering consistently, or in winning gold medals.

“Joie de vivre”.

We love lively debate and discourse. It keeps us young and relevant.