10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Yahoo’s recovery is so weak it is set to be overtaken by Twitter on digital display ad revenues in the US this year. That’s according to a new forecast from eMarketer.

2. Amazon is considering making its biggest acquisition yet, but it could still fall apart. The company is reportedly looking at making a €2 billion bid for online retailer Net-a-Porter.

3. Pepsi has overtaken Diet Coke in US soda sales, according to Beverage Digest. The drink now has a market share of 8.5%, slightly smaller than Pepsi’s 8.8% share.

4. Beats knew Miley Cyrus’ twerk at the VMAs was going to happen two weeks before the award show even aired. Beats’ contacts in the music industry helped it turn around a funny Cyrus-related ad in just a fortnight.

5. Adidas is making five drastic changes to win back customers. The company’s five-year plan, which it revealed at an investor meeting on Thursday, includes a proposal to use robots to bring manufacturing back to Europe and to the US from Asia.

6. Here’s another reason Google should be afraid of Facebook. Ads on YouTube are 6X cheaper than those on Facebook.

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