Vision: Balance & Purpose

To achieve in a high-stress occupation one needs to be in a state of harmony. Zoë has set many goals for herself and plans to use her martial arts to maintain a state of peace, tranquility and focus. ‘Balance & Purpose’ is the essence for Zoë’s vision-poster.

Bringing this essence to life, we catch a moment of intense focus and willpower as a woman loses herself in the technique of her martial arts practice, drawing clarity and strength as she perfects her kata.

Here, the ampersand means more than a word that expresses a grammatical or structural relationship with other words in a sentence. Wrapped around her, it represents Zoë’s day-to-day tasks, challenges and goals – the woman’s paler figure contrasts to the red ampersand symbolising that in her state of meditation, she is the calm at the centre of the storm.

We chose an illustrated style inspired by Japanese pop art. We contrasted the soft, fluid design style of Asian water colour techniques with slightly harder edged lines around her clothing to symbolise the calm-state of her inner-self and the contrasting hard-state of ‘the real world’.

Kata (型 or 形 literally: “form”) is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs. Read more about Kata here.

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