Big Brands Want Marketers Who Know AI, New Glassdoor Research Reveals

There is a ton of speculation about how artificial intelligence will impact our jobs, but little on-the-ground data—until now.

Glassdoor, a job search portal, has data on millions of job postings. This data can tell us much about how AI is changing the employment landscape. Thankfully, Glassdoor breaks it all down in a new study that analyzes how companies are hiring for AI-related positions. To create the study, Glassdoor looked at AI-related positions, top companies hiring AI talent, popular metro areas for AI work, and payscales of these roles across millions of job listings.

The data might surprise you.

While developer jobs in Silicon Valley dominate this list, there are a number of top AI jobs in marketing and sales. This suggests marketers should start to understand how AI will transform their roles, if they want to capture lucrative professional opportunities for themselves and their businesses.

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