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In the second of our eight-part series on the mobility of the future we explore how urbanistic choices can influence the spread of battery-powered cars. A city that’s growing in size doesn’t need to forgo sustainable mobility options. From the densest city centres to the edges of a metropolis, well-distributed charging points can be a wonderful incentive for residents to push the pedal on electric vehicles.

Is making our cities more dense the only answer for inhabitants to access environmentally-friendly means of transport? Cities should evolve but must never forget their human dimension: electric cars can help them with moving people sustainably where other means of transport can’t reach.

Our cities – and their populations – keep growing. While some expand upwards with towering skyscrapers, some branch outwards, creating sprawling suburbs that extend for kilometres. Far from the city centre, these areas may be low-built and green but they often lack the infrastructure to connect easily to public transport, so they rely on cars for their mobility needs.

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