At Bamboo we pride ourselves in having a diverse, intelligent, innovative and motivated team. We have a unique balance of experience and adventure. Innovation roles require people who can function in a broad conceptual environment, are technical, and are adept at communicating.

If you have a passion for innovation, are able to wear many hats and contribute in a variety of technical and strategic ways across multiple areas of the business, you’re the type of innovation professional we’d like to work with. Suppliers, Freelancers, Careers, Network – scroll down to connect.¬†[twocol_one_first]Bamboo_Suppliers_innovation[Form id=”13″][/twocol_one_first][twocol_one_last]Bamboo_Freelance_innovation[Form id=”11″][/twocol_one_last] [twocol_one_first]Bamboo_Careers_innovation[Form id=”12″][/twocol_one_first][twocol_one_last]Network_bamboo_innovation[Form id=”9″][/twocol_one_last]