Facebook Finds Two More Ad-Metrics Discrepancies

Facebook ’s FB -1.33% ad-measurement odyssey continues. The social-media giant has revealed two new adjustments to the data it provides marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads.

In September, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook had been overestimating a video-advertising metric for as long as two years in some cases. Then last month, the company revealed it had found four more measurement discrepancies after undertaking an extensive audit of all of its advertising-related data.

That announcement seemed to put Facebook’s ad-measurement challenges to bed. But on Friday, Facebook said it had uncovered two more discrepancies and was working to make specific changes to its ad-data output.

Specifically, Facebook explained in a blog post that during live video streams, it was in some cases counting individual users’ reactions to posts (such as likes and other responses) as part of another related metric, i.e. the number of reactions that these live streams generated when shared on Facebook. Facebook said it is reallocating these metrics.

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