Five social media announcements that make targeting your customers easier

Not so long ago (and not so far back as the Mad Men and midday scotch) you could reach the majority of your target audience if you advertised on the right TV channel or radio station at the right time or in the right newspaper or magazine. With the rise of the internet, particularly websites and social networks, came a fragmentation of audiences. With more choice and more freedom to control what they read, listen to or watch, the idea of being able to reach the majority of your audience through a single advertising or marketing channel became the stuff of fiction.

However as technology and the monetization of the web has advanced, it is now becoming easier and easier to find and reach your customers online. Whether they are lurking on news sites or active on mass or niche social networks, every day a new way to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ emerges.

5 social media targeting announcements you should be aware of

Recently there was a slew of announcements that highlight that marketing, advertising and technology are now inextricably linked.

  1. Twitter launched emoji-targeted advertising: This means that if someone posts a tweet and used the burger emoji () then they could feasibly start seeing adverts for Burger King. If they used the hospital emoji, they may trigger adverts from a health insurer. This is on top of the existing targeting options from Twitter – language, gender, interests, followers, device, keywords, location. In other news, Twitter launched a ‘Live’ button. In the Twitter app on iOS or Android you’re now one tap away from streaming live video on Periscope. The aim is to expose more people to Periscope and increase the creation of live video content.

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