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It’s about understanding our clients’ needs intimately (as if they are our own), it’s about understanding user’s problems as intimately.

VIDEO: Dr Brené Brown on empathy. Brené is a research professor, author regular contributor to TED.


Empathy in business – Edward Rhodes, Dean, School of Public Policy, George Washington University

ARTICLE: Forbes – Why empathy is the force that moves business forward

Jayson Boyers (President and CEO of Cleary University) argues that behind every successful business, you are likely to find a leader who has mastered the skill of empathy.

One of the hallmarks of a successful business is its ability to harness creativity to constantly push into new territory. Without growth and innovation, businesses stagnate and eventually fade away. Those with staying power, however, have mastered an intangible, often overlooked factor that allows them to focus on the future with clarity: empathy. While that may surprise many, I am certain that the ability to connect with and relate to others—empathy in its purest form—is the force that moves businesses forward.

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Daring to see the world, businesses, challenges not just for what they are; but what they can be.

VIDEO: SAP center of excellence


VIDEO: Ron Johnson: Trust in Your Imagination and Instinct



Using evidence and creativity to reason our way to the best possible solution.

VIDEO: Edward de Bono on creative thinking in business part (1 of 2)


VIDEO: Edward de Bono on creative thinking in business part (2 of 2)



Appreciating people, building trust, great conversations, building meaningful bonds and prioritising client happiness.

VIDEO: A Formula for Building Trusting Relationships Harvard Business Review



Getting the right message to the audience in the right way on the right platform.

VIDEO: Sean Follmer – Shape shifting tech will change work as we know it



Always trying to do what is right in every situation.

VIDEO: Creating ethical cultures in business: Brooke Deterline at TEDxPresidio


VIDEO: Why values-based leadership matters



Working with the best to deliver the best solution.

VIDEO: Sir Ken Robinson: Collaboration in the 21st Century


VIDEO: Spoek Mathambo’s / Vodafone #First musical collaboration with South African cultures and tribes



Always acting towards achieving goals and meeting targets.

VIDEO: Daniel Goleman on Focus: The Secret to High Performance and Fulfillment



Always striving to improve by increasing our knowledge and experience in every endeavour.

VIDEO: The Importance of Continued Learning in Business


VIDEO: Message to young people from AliBaba President Mr Ma Yun