How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video: Lessons From Google BrandLab

At Google BrandLab; we’ve run more than 400 workshops from San Bruno to Singapore. We’ve partnered with thousands of brand marketers to learn about their challenges and help them think digital-first. And over the years, there’s one question we’ve heard again and again from marketers when the conversation turns to YouTube:

“How many views means my video is successful?”

Views may be the proverbial public scorecard, but they’re not always the best way to track progress against a brand’s unique goals. At the BrandLab, we refocus teams on identifying the right KPIs for those goals. We use a thought-provoking exercise designed to unpack the question we wish we were asked more often:

“Which KPIs should we be tracking to understand if our video campaign is successful?”

Below, we share that exercise with you—the questions we ask, the answers we work toward—so that you can help your teams look beyond views, too.

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