4 tools to skyrocket your demand generation strategy in 2015

Your marketing department wears many hats. Among them there’s the PPC hat, there’s the content hat (which is fit for a king), and there’s the demand generation hat – just to name a few. The demand generation hat is worn by anyone who is creating any sort of demand for your product or service.

So what exactly are these guys with the demand gen hats doing to increase demand for their products? Under the large umbrella of your demand generation strategy falls other inbound marketing strategies; blogging, conversion rate optimization, content marketing and more. Anything that’s going to create demand for your product to help your users through the sales funnel.

Here are four rules to improve upon within your demand generation strategy and tools that will help you to integrate all of your many hats.

1. Walk them through it, then measure.

Measuring all of your demand generation efforts will go a long way in telling you precisely what elements of your strategy are here to stay and which ones you’re ready to ditch. It’s important first to measure where your qualified leads are coming from, so you can invest more in those channels. The more frequently you measure, the more often you can optimize your strategy and capture more leads.

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