How to Create Your Own Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a video producer fielding numerous calls from your social media management team or the social manager making the requests, it isn’t lost on anyone that social media video content has exploded in popularity. While it’s easy to recognize the need for a robust social media video marketing strategy, it’s more difficult to actually create your own plan that sets you apart from every other video online. That’s why we put together this guide to help you create and launch your own amazing social media videos:


  1. Why Social Media Video Marketing
  2. Creating Cost-Effective Social Videos
  3. Choosing Your Video Marketing Goals
  4. Choosing What Kind of Videos to Shoot
  5. Publishing and Promoting Your Content
  6. Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

1. Why Social Media Video Marketing?

Social media video marketing strategies take time and resources. Down the line, you may be asked to explain why your efforts are valuable to the social media stakeholders. Make sure you know why video is important for social media to help make your case.

Conveying Complex Information

It’s incredibly difficult to convey complex information across social media sites. The most popular networks rely on brevity. Some of our favorite social networks, like Twitter, even have character limits set. How can you be expected to explain something as complicated as a new feature or product with a 140-character limit? You really can’t do it justice in 140 characters, which is why video is the perfect way to share.

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