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Finding High-Potential Avenues For Brand Growth

It’s not enough to have a strong vision or a single great idea. To successfully innovate—in a way that doesn’t mimic every other competitor—you need to see the range of opportunities open to you.

A serious customer-centric view of the landscape will tell you what routes contain latent opportunities for you to exploit. It can also lead you away from uncomfortable pain points associated with current approaches and guide you through the pitfalls of getting customers to act in unfamiliar ways. Importantly, a true customer-centric approach will pinpoint the ways in which a new solution has to excel over existing offerings and lead you down the right paths to making money.

The Central Role Of Jobs To Be Done

All over the world, people go about their days getting things done. Much of what they do is aimed at satisfying a collection of short- and long-term objectives that they see as being related to their well-being. The many decisions that they make throughout the day—which toothpaste to use, whether to drink coffee or tea, what product to buy for their company—are all part of satisfying these objectives, as each person defines them.

But what if people know only part of what they want? Or—even more radical—what if they don’t really understand why they want what they want? While such confusion at first glance seems like a recipe for innovation disaster, it is precisely in this knowledge gap where opportunities for new growth exist. Throughout this section, we will answer such questions as: How can companies use this knowledge gap to attract new customers or launch new products? How can figuring out the known and unknown drivers of consumer behavior give companies an advantage in the marketplace? And if people themselves don’t know what they want or why they want it, how can someone else figure it out?

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How Brand Purpose Propels Brand Profits

We’ve all been in those meetings. The subject of the company’s brand purpose comes up and the C-level executives around the table roll their eyes or become fidgety.

For them, the P-word is a soft thing, nice words, lofty and aspirational, and notoriously difficult to measure. Purpose may remind them of a plaque in the boardroom which makes employees cynical about hollow leadership initiatives and mantras. Or it may sound like a branding, public relations or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tactic, not worthy of a board-level discussion.

But they would be wise not to dismiss the P-word. In fact, today many leading CEOs and companies are finding that embracing a core purpose is not only a ‘good’ thing to do but also drives top corporate performance. Bottom line? Purpose means growth, and growth means profit.

What Is Brand Purpose?

Purpose is the reason the company exists not only materially and economically but also emotionally and spiritually. It is the enterprise’s unifying statement of commitment to customers, employees and the larger world it operates in.

A higher purpose connects the business and peoples’ work to societal goals such as reducing hunger in the developing world or improving public health in the US.

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Argon Asset Management

Argon Asset Management is an African investment firm with global standards and has recently picked up five global accolades including ‘Best Asset manager South Africa 2014”. They are a firm steeped in their values and believe “values equal value”.


Celebrating its 10th year in 2015, and after being globally recognised, the firm is looking to move their brand into a new space reflective of their status.


Our relationship with Argon began with brand management consulting and has extended to include brand development, specifically in print and social media. Bamboo is currently getting Argon retail-ready as they are soon to launch products to the public in 2016.


Currently a work in progress to evolve their brand, our main services include business consulting, brand strategy, brand development and digital, as well as print advert concept and design.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Consumer Research
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development


Print ad, 10-years (The European)


Print ad, brand (Business Report)




Facebook page

Bamboo has grown the Argon Facebook account by 4357% in under a year.

argon facebook page


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Empower Workforce Solutions

Established in 2013, Empower Workforce Solutions is a workforce solutions provider in Ghana that connects ambitious local and international businesses with local human potential.


Create a fresh, globally relevant recruitment business and brand that attracts and appeals to high level executives, blue collar workers and quality organisations.



In 2013, Bamboo joined a team of collaboratiors at the genesis of Empower’s formation. We began by defining the strategy and business model, which lead us to working closely with the creative teams in developing the visual representation of the strategy, facilitating research in Accra, and working on rolling out the business at each touch point.


Our main services encompassed business consulting, brand strategy, brand development, and website UX(user experience) that informed the website function. The web UX ensured that different website visitors, from HR managers looking to hire, to executives and blue collar workers looking for job opportunities, had a custom experience suited to their needs.

The website also included content relevant to the varied users including white papers for high-level executives, and blog articles with content for the new job seekers such as school leavers and graduates looking for helpful information such as interview tips.


  • Business Consulting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Guide
  • Website; UX, Design, SEO, Blog Content
  • Digital Elements
  • Print Elements
  • Corporate Stationery


Brand Guidelines

Empower Workforce Solution Brand GuideIlines
Empower Workforce Solution Brand GuideIlines2



Bamboo_network_innovation_Empower website

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Empower Facilities Management

An increase in commercial and residential property development throughout Ghana has created a need for reliable and professional facility management service providers. Empower Facilities Management offers property owners, property developers, body corporates and home owners a partnership that consistently builds value.



Differentiate Empower Facilities Management from the myriad of facility management companies popping up across Ghana to take advantage of the property boom.

ews background


To ensure the longevity of the company and to truly distinguish its offering, the strategy unearthed that the true value proposition for Empower Facilities Management was that it helped clients build value by maintaining and servicing their assets through consistent excellence.


Our main services encompassed brand strategy, and brand development.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website; UX, Design, Copy, SEO
  • Digital Elements
  • Animated Video Production


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Brand guidelines

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