Vision: Moving Together

Anyone who knows Rona knows of her love for dance and entertainment. Her business being centred around the exciting space of collaboration, our very own partnership existing for it, the idea of people ‘Moving Together’ and different types of dance styles came together naturally. Especially because she‘s an avid dancer and traveler who enjoys learning the indigenous (traditional and modern) dances of the places she visits.

Portraying an array of dances and dance styles, we carried through her brand style, and used anaglyphs to imbue a sense of energy and enthusiasm, which Rona has in spades.

Anaglyph – a stereoscopic photograph with two images superimposed and printed in different colours, usually red and green, producing a stereo effect when viewed with appropriate filters over each eye.

Rona Matthew – New Business Director

Rona Matthew – Connector

Rona Matthew is a brand developer and dancer. From a young age, she was always attracted to exploration and travel, very social and inquisitive, always searching for understanding. This curiosity has lead Rona to becoming a multifaceted entrepreneur with a global network always staying connected to cultural and business trends world-wide.

Her obsession with collaboration lead Rona to creating Brandpulse, a brand-led, user-centric, customized collaboration consultancy. Finding and managing unique multidisciplinary teams uniquely tailored to fit brands, is how she delivers value and competitive advantage for her clients.

Rona is also Head of Business Development at Bamboo Innovation, an organisation dedicated to driving business growth through brand-centred innovation.

Rona has worked on global accounts like South African Airways, Coca-Cola/ABI (SA), Barloworld, Department of Sport and Recreation SA, Mahindi Investments (SA), Ghana Oil, Empower Workforce Solutions (Ghana) and Empower Facilities Management (Ghana). In the entertainment space, she also produced private events for Grammy award winner Ne-yo, Nigerian Megastar D’banj, and Washington, DC sports agency Jam Sports & Entertainment to name a few.