Fundamentals of digital image and video processing

The State of Digital Media, in 5 Charts

T is the season of reports in the digital content industry. With Mary Meeker’s “2016 Internet Trends” report, PageFair’s annual ad-blocking report, IAB’s quarterly revenue update, and Pew Research’s “State of the News Media” all coming out within the span of a few weeks, there has been a flood of information about the current state of the media, advertising, and marketing industries.

You probably don’t have time to read them all. Luckily, you have us. I already summed up the major takeaways from Mary Meeker’s internet trends report here, and I’ll quickly sum up the PageFair and IAB revenue updates in one sentence: Ad blocking is accelerating and going mobile, and digital ad revenue is growing quickly but it’s all going to Facebook and Google.

Pew Research’s “State of the News Media” report, however, is a bit more nuanced, mainly because it pulls from a large variety of sources (including Nielsen, comScore, eMarketer, SEC filings, and its own research). Here are the five major takeaways from the 17-page report.

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Moyeni Mahlangu – Lead Designer

“Design is the structure of things that speak to our souls.”

Moyeni Mahlangu – Creator

Moyeni is a creative with an acute and thorough understanding of branding and design. Raised in a musical home, Moyeni’s sense for creativity was honed while he learnt to walk. Moyeni’s creativity lead him down a visual path exploring design, art and photography at the National School of the Arts where he excelled. Along with his symbiotic relationship with technology, he constantly explores beyond the boundaries of design yet still respecting its fundamentals. A design thinker who gets that design is a process to produce an elegant solution to any problem.

Having worked on various accounts from UNISA, the National Ports Authority and South African Tourism, Moyeni Mahlangu is no stranger to the industry and what it takes. His expertise, inventiveness, skill and willingness to learn, listen and teach not only make Moyeni an invaluable member of the Bamboo team, but make his role indispensable to the creation and enhancement of our organisation.

Currently Learning:

Introduction to computational arts: Processing; State University of New York


Design: Creation of artifacts in society; University of Pennsylvania

Design thinking for business innovation; University of Virginia

Creativity, Innovation, and change; The Pennsylvania State University

Fundamentals of digital image and video processing; Northwestern University

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