Jägermeister is a popular alcoholic herbal liquer drink, famously to be consumed in ice-cold ‘shot’ measures.


THE CHALLENGE   Jägermeister

Create a competition to give away a custom Jägermeister-branded Smeg fridge.



THE JOURNEY  Jägermeister

Originally tasked with creating a competition in order to prize a Jägermeister drinker with a branded Smeg fridge, we interrogated the opportunity in the brief and settled on the objective, with client, being to increase the number of drinking occasions with the target market. The insight came from the fact that most Jägermeister drinkers drink it at clubs only. We saw the opportunity to inspire people to drink Jägermeister across occasions. This was portrayed in the campaign artwork (Facebook timeline covers which were changed weekly throughout the 6 week duration of the competition).

THE SOLUTION   Jägermeister

Adding strategic objectives to the brief, our aim was to increase the drinking occasions for Jägermeister from primarly club occasions to include all conceivable occasions.

As such, the competition asked Jägermeister fans to send in photos of all the places they enjoy Jägermeister.

The competition artwork featured 7 “Jägermeister occasion” timeline covers, including; braai, fishing trip, boys night, poker night, pub gaming, picnic, and house party.

The most outlandish place Jägermeister was enjoyed won – the winner took a picture with their Jägermeister in Antarctica.


  • Competition website
  • Competition management
  • Facebook app
  • Facebook competition-themed timeline covers
  • Digital media brokering and placement

THE RESULTS   Jägermeister

  • Over 6000 visitors to the competition website (8 week competition) – link confusion?
  • Over 3300 visitors to the Facebook application – link confusion?
  • Increased Facebook ‘likes’ by 35% (3206 page likes)
  • Identified 768 Jägermeister 768 brand advocates and logged their information
  • Large increase in brand engagement