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Vision: Values = Value

To be the ‘African investment firm with global standards’ entails having a few key and consistent behaviours in place. Some of the success-ingredients valued at Argon are providing the support structures that enable their team to be dedicated; having a solid vision everyone can work toward; having a powerful leadership and solid management; and at the root of it all is being entrenched
in their values – honesty, integrity, thoroughness, accountability, respect for self and others, and good ethics. All this enables Argon to create continued value for their high-stake clients.



About the Vision Project

“An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision.” – James Whistler

The dream; a team’s true north. Its primary objective to inspire and create a shared sense of purpose. In truth, a vision should be a self-fulfilling prophecy. A prediction directly or indirectly causing itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behaviour. At Bamboo we believe vision is what truly governs people and organisations, regardless of the quality of articulation.

With this in mind, the ‘2014 Vision Project’ allowed us insight into our client, partner and friends’ visions for the year ahead. We also got to flex our creative muscle and give something back to our project participants – their goals for 2014 designed and expressed in useful formats like Facebook timeline covers and mobile wallpapers.

But first, we shared our vision for 2014 to illustrate the project as well as to share an example of a vision, and to demonstrate what we meant by “we’ll design your vision for you”.

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We designed the posters in batches as they came in. We unpacked each vision and drilled ‘til we found what we dubbed ‘the essence’ of each message, this made it easier to synthesise a concept for each poster and to design – which in turn made the visions more accessible to others, and more importantly, themselves. We ended up with a series of 9 posters.

Browse the poster series below. For rationales, go back to the 2014 Vision Project  page.

Vision: An African Future

With Africa’s future and innovation in Africa a point of interest for us at Bamboo too, Bogosi’s vision was real exciting for us to imagine and create.

What does ‘An African Future’ look like? Well, to us, taking into consideration that Bogosi needs to get around in the digital space, a space-boda-boda, complete with custom African print body work because we know Bogosi has a penchant for African-print-anything, seemed the perfect expression of his vision. A true vision of an African future, original and progressive.

Boda-boda – a term used for motorcycle taxis used extensively in East & now West Africa. Read more about the boda-boda here.

Vision: Better people for a better world

The Human Palette makes the world a better place by breaking down cultural barriers in the workplace of South Africa’s big corporates and SMMEs. In a country fraught with racial intolerance and ignorance, they help people understand each other better. Inspired by the essence we derived for THP, better people for a better world, we took to the streets, curious about how other people are making the world a better place. The THP vision-poster is made up of the pledge marks of the array of people we interviewed. Watch the short video below.

Vision: Balance & Purpose

To achieve in a high-stress occupation one needs to be in a state of harmony. Zoë has set many goals for herself and plans to use her martial arts to maintain a state of peace, tranquility and focus. ‘Balance & Purpose’ is the essence for Zoë’s vision-poster.

Bringing this essence to life, we catch a moment of intense focus and willpower as a woman loses herself in the technique of her martial arts practice, drawing clarity and strength as she perfects her kata.

Here, the ampersand means more than a word that expresses a grammatical or structural relationship with other words in a sentence. Wrapped around her, it represents Zoë’s day-to-day tasks, challenges and goals – the woman’s paler figure contrasts to the red ampersand symbolising that in her state of meditation, she is the calm at the centre of the storm.

We chose an illustrated style inspired by Japanese pop art. We contrasted the soft, fluid design style of Asian water colour techniques with slightly harder edged lines around her clothing to symbolise the calm-state of her inner-self and the contrasting hard-state of ‘the real world’.

Kata (型 or 形 literally: “form”) is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs. Read more about Kata here.

Vision: Growing wealth, building Swaziland

As a proudly Swazi company that innovates for the nation it serves, The Swaziland Building Society has a host of products and services suited to the needs of its diverse audience. To visually capture the essence of “growing wealth, building Swaziland”, we took a photograph of everyday life in the nation’s capital, Mbabane, and assigned the basic groupings of products and services to the relevant subjects in the picture. The photographic treatment makes the people using SBS services stand out and by so doing distinguishes them from those that do not, making them appear to lead lives that are full in colour, richness and promise.

Vision: Moving Together

Anyone who knows Rona knows of her love for dance and entertainment. Her business being centred around the exciting space of collaboration, our very own partnership existing for it, the idea of people ‘Moving Together’ and different types of dance styles came together naturally. Especially because she‘s an avid dancer and traveler who enjoys learning the indigenous (traditional and modern) dances of the places she visits.

Portraying an array of dances and dance styles, we carried through her brand style, and used anaglyphs to imbue a sense of energy and enthusiasm, which Rona has in spades.

Anaglyph – a stereoscopic photograph with two images superimposed and printed in different colours, usually red and green, producing a stereo effect when viewed with appropriate filters over each eye.

Vision: Spreading the Message

Obakeng, COO and Chef (FoYoKo, Lepco, Green Room Productions), is very passionate about good food, good African food that is. A contradiction in terms… or is it?

With the right knowledge about food, ingredients, nutrition and food preparation techniques, something as simple as how you boil potatoes can leave you with either a nutritional meal, or just hot pulp to fill your stomach with.

Obi and Thulani Mathebula (business partner and Head Chef) want to feed people goodness because we’re all better when functioning on goodness. But there’s another side to Obi and Thulani. They’re also extremely passionate about experimenting and innovating African food. As far as we know, they invented pap-sushi.


Vision: What got us here, will get us there

Remember when your TV broadcast used to end at midnight? A lot has changed since then. But what hasn’t changed is the dedication and perseverance required to make a success of a TV production company.

Keeping this in mind, and Thato’s vision for 25 Frames (in existence for a decade now), we stitched together an old, retro-looking TV, complete with black & white “off-air” screen, with a modern looking flat screen TV featuring a dynamic image to represent the present and future.


Vision: Laying the Foundation

Bongani is more than a photographer, Director, owner of Boni Kula productions and founder of the Next Movement, he is a young creative with grand visions for other creatives in his position – stuck between earning a living, and being financially free enough to think up and implement creative ideas that will challenge and impact the world.

His vision for the year involves saving money and growing his business, we interpreted this as laying a foundation from which to build his dream, which in part involves deconstructing his goals and getting back to basics.