Neo Matsau – Chief Executive Officer

 “Leadership is growing the relationship between people, resources and goals.”

Neo Matsau – Visionary

Neo Matsau is a polymer who believes in the power of innovation for growth. His fascination with technology, lead him to creating his first computer game at the age of ten. His broad spectrums of interests have led him down various paths, from studying branding, to engineering, to anthropology. Always hungry and foolish. After pursuing his studies, he was key in developing a four-day youth diversity-training program for The Diversity Institute.

More recently he was invited to speak at the 3rd commission for investment, trade and enterprise on entrepreneurship amongst young South Africans. He has also contributed to a UN report on ICT as a private sector enabler in developing countries. Neo has developed growth-based solutions for various blue chip companies and global organisations and has been a team leader, in various projects, from app builds, to TTL advertising campaigns.

Neo is currently has a fruitful music career as a part of  Twelv & Thesis, as a performer and music producer. Always ensuring he is current, relevant and intelligent Neo Matsau is a digital native with an insightful understanding of the 3.0 World. With knowledge, imagination, inspiration and integrity, Neo leads Bamboo on a path to grow organisations that change the world.

Currently Learning:

Financial Markets, Yale


Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies; University of Maryland

Leading Strategic Innovation in Organisations; Vanderbilt University

Design Thinking for Business Innovation; University of Virginia

Competitive Strategy; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

Foundations of Business Strategy; University of Virginia

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