How To Test Products Like A Googler

To build great products, you need input from the people and organizations that are actually going to use them. Successful tech companies have long understood how important this is, and they’ve created processes to do it. But incorporating feedback can be tough, especially if you’re trying to fine-tune a product before it launches. Here’s an inside look at how we do it at Google.


In tech companies large and small, early-stage feedback is a key step in product development. Getting the right amount of feedback matters, since product teams are often racing at breakneck speed and trying to hit a moving target. Not all feedback is actionable, either; the last thing you want to do is try to please everyone. But on the flip side, when you do identify a problem, do enough users care about it to make it a top priority fix?

At Google, we get early-stage user feedback in a few different ways. We first conduct formative and evaluative user research, then we move to a “Trusted Tester” program, which helps us gather feedback at scale, and finally we launch an “Early Adopter” program to scale even further.

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