It is election day in the United States, and the tech figure who had one of the biggest impacts on the current cycle is perhaps a non-obvious one: Jeff Bezos.

Back in 2013 Bezos bought the Washington Post, whose coverage of the campaign has been exemplary. The august newspaper’s reporting, particularly the work of David Fahrenthold, has uncovered stories that have had a far bigger impact than any number of tweets or blog posts or calls for days-off-work in Democrat-safe California ever could have had. What Bezos understood is a technology industry truism: impact is made at scale through the construction of repeatable processes. In the case of the Washington Post, facilitating a strong, confident newsroom has reaped far greater returns than any of us can accomplish on our own.

When Bezos made his purchase, I wrote an article entitled Rebuilding the World Technology Destroyed. It is, by Stratechery standards, pretty short, so I hope you will forgive my taking the unusual step of quoting it in full

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